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The Clearwater area, located on Florida’s West Coast, right on the Gulf of Mexico, Clearwater Beach Welcomes You - ClearwaterBeachVisitUsis one of the world’s most famous destination.  This comes to no surprise, as several beaches have consistently been voted as the best beaches in America.

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Clearwater History

Clearwater Beach, a top tourist destination for many years, still has some of its old charm left, especially on Mandalay Avenue at the beach’s north end. You can still see some the beach cottages built in the 20s and 30s as well as some vintage motels.

The first recorded settlement of the island did not happen until 1883, simply because the island had no access roads and bridges, and there was no valuable farmland.  The development of the northern part of Clearwater Beach took place between 1910 and 1920, many of the historic buildings you can still see were not built on site, but they were brought across Clearwater Harbor by barge.   A group of business men created the Carlouel Company, in order to offer a Yacht and Tennis ClubCarlouel Yacht Club - ClearwaterBeachVisitUs - Clearwater Beach, modeled after the ones in West Palm Beach.  They built cottage on the beach to be leased to wealthy locals and northerners who would spent the winter months here.

Clearwater Beach has seen its fair share of development and was at times hit hard by it; many original buildings and landmarks have been demolished to make room for new buildings.  “Sandsfoot Cottage”, oldest home on the island, which was an Victorian home from the 1890s and the “Clearwater Beach Hotel”, which was an iconic hotel on the beach, had to make room for the “Sandpearl Resort” at 500 Mandalay Ave. A few of the surviving buildings include the original “Carlouel” cottage, 1030 Eldorado Ave., the Carlouel Yacht Club, 1091 Eldorado Ave., which to this day is an exclusive and private Yacht and Tennis Club.  Palm Pavillion - ClearwaterBeachVisitUs - Clearwater BeachAnother island icon, the “Palm Pavillion”, 10 Bay Esplande, opened in 1926 as a bath house and beach pavillion, thus being the oldest beach pavillion in the state of Florida.  These days it is a bar and retaurant – a favorite hangout for locals and tourists alike.


Clearwater Weather

Weather in Clearwater can change from one minute to the next.  Afternoon thunderstorms are the norm, but they usually pass by fast and the weather returns to sunny again shortly after.

The average low in January through March is 50 degrees, while the high averages 76. It starts warming up April through June when the low averages 62 degrees and the high averages low to mid 90s. Of course, July through September are the hottest months. Temperatures start to come down in October – December when the average low can be 51 degrees and the high is usually no more than 70s and 80s. The gulf water temperature is in the 80s most of the year, dropping to 60s-70s in January through March. This is higher than normal for most of the rest of central Florida, because the Gulf water keeps the temperature swings at bay, even in the winter.